There is an ever-deepening Cost of Living Crisis Many of us in Eastbourne will be hugely adversely affected. Many people will find it increasingly more difficult to manage. Many will struggle. It doesn’t need to be this way. Everyone should be afforded a decent standard of living. Today, Eastbourne is just one of around 25 other places across the country that are holding protests to say enough is enough.

Inequality is rife in Britain. Over the last 40 years, Britain has moved from being one of the most equal to one of the most unequal of rich nations.

£94.1 billion was paid out in dividends to shareholders of UK companies in 2021. That’s an increase of 46.1% on the previous year. Shell has just announced highest profits in eight years. That’s up 1258% in last quarter alone. MPs’ pay will be going up £2000. Meanwhile many workers have faced a real wage decline over the austerity years leading to rapidly declining living standards. Whilst the majority are being ever more financially squeezed, the already rich minority are seeing their grotesque increases in their wealth.

We can end poverty by putting PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT


*One in three children (4.2 million) are now living in poverty. That’s a figure close to record post- war levels.

*OFGEM have announced a 54% rise in household energy bills. This new rise is happening in April when National Insurance goes up too.

*RPI inflation is already 7.5% (includes housing)

*CPI 5.4% – highest rate for 30 years

*Energy bills set to rise by £693 PA that’s up 54% rise in household bills

* National Insurance due to rise in April

* Food prices up 18% – disproportionately affecting those on low incomes

*At Foodbanks we are seeing Emergency food parcels up 33%


* Cut energy bills/cap energy bills

* Nationalise energy companies, water &


* End subsidies on Fossil Fuels

* Windfall Tax on oil & gas profiteers

* Invest in renewables

* Insulate homes

* Create Green Transition jobs and a

Green Economy

* Affordable, Green public transport

* Restore the triple lock

* Increase state entitlements

* Increase sick pay

* £15 Minimum wage

* Don’t raise National

Insurance, this disproportionately affects low income. Tax the rich instead.

* Reinstate the 50s Waspi Women 6 lost

pension years

* End homelessness

* Build new Council Homes * Rent


* Public Social Care sector, free at the point of need

* Fund the NHS properly

*Get the private sector out of the NHS

* Pay NHS and Care Workers and all a minimum £15 per hour

Carol Mills

Eastbourne People’s Assembly Against Austerity