After seeing the news about the mini budget  it is a disgrace on people who are on all benefits not just universal credit, and I mean the people who are on carers allowance. Esa etc.

We have only seen a increase of 30 pence on Carers Allowance since covid started .

It seems the government only looks to help working people even if they are on universal credit, but a lot of people cannot work at all for health reasons.

The government feels it’s helping everyone but they are not.

Why doesn’t the government see it through the eyes of the poor instead of the rich or working people?

With inflation going higher in April due to covid and war, how does the government expect people who are on low income benefits – not universal credit – to survive with no heating, no food, .no support?

It’s discrimination against people who are not on universal credit.
D. Martin, Burwash Close, Eastbourne.