Are you on Universal Credit? If yes, then do you know that at the end of March you will lose £20 pw? Here’s why.

In March 2020, the Government announced that the standard allowance in Universal Credit and the basic element in Tax Credit would both go up by £20 a week for one year. This amounts to an extra £1,040 a year for all claimants.

The extra cash was only rolled out as a temporary 12-month measure. It is due to end in April 2021.

MILLIONS of Universal Credit claimants rely on this £20-per-week boost to their benefits. It has become an essential lifeline. Here is how that money is making a difference:-

▪️”The £20 a week has meant that I haven’t had to worry as much about topping up my electricity meter to keep warm”.

▪️”This year when the children were going back to school, I could afford to buy their uniform myself. Usually I have to get help from family because I can’t afford the cost of the secondary school uniforms”.

▪️”I have been able to get broadband for the first time. It’s already made a huge difference. I’ve been able to search for work much quicker and my kids have been able to study”.

▪️”The £20 has meant I can go and see my family more regularly. They are not far away, but it’s hard when you have to count every penny”.

There are 5.6 million people on Universal Credit, many of whom are working. With the coming economic downturn this figure is set only to rise. Unite is campaigning for Rishi Sunak to make the £20 permanent. Do you agree? If yes then please support our campaign. Let your friends know and ask them to write to their MP.


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