SO EASTBOURNE is named as one of the 40 lucky towns and cities to be getting a new state of the art hospital.

And still people moan…………

Why oh why?

There’s no doubting that the DGH has seen both good and bad times.

The bad times were when the hospital was in absolute chaos. Badly run and people in Eastbourne lived in fear of being admitted.

How times have changed.

Dr Adrian Bull has just retired but what a super job he has done as Chief Executive of the Trust.

He has steadied the boat and now the DGH is rated good.

Of course, there is more to be done. Staff are under pressure as ever and Covid remains while bosses try to get to grips with tackling waiting lists in areas paused earlier this year because of Lockdown.

Now the government has announced £3.7 billion in investment to ensure the NHS can continue to provide world-class care for years to come.

And still some locals moan.

Imagine what they would say if we were not on the list of 40.

Our Conservative MP Caroline Ansell must take some of the credit.

She has been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to secure this investment.

And that achievement must be recognised surely even by her opponents.

This is indeed a great day for Eastbourne……………………..and well done Caroline.