IT’S been a challenging year for everyone…………

Who could ever imagine the effect Covid 19 has had on society worldwide?

None of us wanted Lockdown 2, surely not even Boris and his government.

That’s why it is important for us to come out of the current Lockdown on December 2.

And it’s also important to back businesses as they plan for Christmas.

It was fantastic to read this week that The Rattonians and the Hippodrome are coming together to hopefully stage a Christmas show, wonderful as they always are.

That would give a great lift to so many people and bold of the Adams team and Co to even be planning such an event in these difficult times.

But we must.

If we do nothing, then our economy and mental health will get even worse in society.

Your Eastbourne BID has been planning Christmas 2020 since last year and plans have had to change many times. 

But it looks like our Town Centre will still be festive with various events planned, and that’s great.

And then we have Sharnfold Farm planning an absolutely massive Christmas Farmyard Experience.

The easiest thing for Sharnfold would have been to do nothing but they are going ahead with it all.

And pleased we should all be that some businesses are taking brave decisions.

Let’s hope they are successful.