MANY of our parking meters are being removed in Eastbourne – but some residents are happy about this and like paying by app.

Here’s one, resident Debbie Eldred:

“Much easier this way – can pay on phone or with a card without having to try and find correct cash.

“I don’t know many people who carry cash out with them now.

“I just wish there wasn’t so many different apps for parking!”

She added: “I’m middle aged I suppose! Being elderly doesn’t mean you don’t have a contactless payment card.”

Here’s the background from The Friends of Eastbourne Seafront:

“The parking meters which have been covered by the purple wrap are not being permanently converted to app only but are being removed altogether! There will be no public consultation about this but they are waiting to see if there is a reaction from the public.

ESCC report that the machines which have been covered are used less than others and that there are other machines close by .

So in short, ESCC parking team, who made this decision will be removing all the machines with the purple wraps along the sea front and in town UNLESS there is opposition.

If you have concerns or object please contact and speak to your local Councillor.”

Is this reasonable?