Perch Princes Park is planning outdoor charity cinema events this summer.

It has announced: “This summer, the ambition is to be open three nights a week, slowly building a sustainable offer and expanding into celebrations such as weddings and parties once we kick covid into touch.

We’ve already got such promotions such as bottomless pizza nights and outdoor charity cinema lined up for the Park.

Alcohol licensing is a largely unfamiliar piece of governance that we take seriously.

We want to ensure that we are responsible, safe and that what we are proposing complements our offer and customer base; thus, we’ve brought in external guidance on the best way to achieve these intentions.

As we seek to expand, we look to ensure that we are looking out for fellow park users and not falling foul of any regulations.

To do this, we have put an application to bring later opening hours and different service styles. The hope is that we can continue to develop a quality-driven food-based offer.”