A DOG owner has told how her animal was badly attacked by two other dogs yesterday.

It took place at around 1pm.

Faffy Harbour said: “My dog got bitten by another dog in the field, next to the lake, on the Gleneagles Estate in Hailsham.

My dog was on a lead, but sadly the two dogs approaching my dog were not.

One of the dogs (believed to be called Snow) bit my dog’s neck and proceeded to throw my dog around, causing a hole and several puncture wounds in her neck.

One emergency trip to the vets and the wounds needed closing, we are very lucky she’s alive.

When my partner asked the owners of these dogs to put them on a lead, the owner proceeded to get in my partner’s face and threaten him, claiming “I’ll do the same to you as my dog did to your dog”, also implying he knew exactly what his dog could do and had done to our dog.

My partner did not have his phone on him to take photos but I have attached a photo of the breed of dog that did the vile attack.

The description of the owners: One male approx 5ft 10 with short dark hair. Wearing navy T-shirt, dark hoodie and dark blue jeans.

One male aged 50s/60s, white/grey hair with full beard. Wearing black leather waistcoat and black hat.

We have reported to the police and have a crime reference number.

We are looking for any witnesses, or anyone in the surrounding area that has a ring doorbell/CCTV cameras and can hopefully capture a shot of these people & dogs.

Also, if anyone has experienced the same/ a similar ordeal with people matching my description, do not hesitate to get in touch for the crime reference number so it can be reported too.

We are so grateful for our vets for saving our baby & hope that no one experiences the same as us.”