THE owners of a fried chicken restaurant in The Beacon Eastbourne are planning to expand.

The Bok Shop can be found in Eastbourne, Brighton and Croydon.

It wants to open 10 more branches in the next two years.

The Bok Shop is a free range fried chicken and vegan fried chicken joint. Inspired by London style fried chicken culture.

The menu is a balance of contemporary and nostalgic street style food, cooked with fresh and homemade ingredients.

Founded in Brighton, 2017 by friends Jamie and Howard, they’re’re no ordinary chicken shop! 

They say: “With influences from Asia, Southern United States and London, we collaborated with published chef Adam O’Shepherd to offer a classic chicken shop menu with a ‘Bok Shop’ twist.

We spent twelve months prior to the opening of our Brighton site developing our menu.

These twelve months involved testing and tweaking recipes and cooking techniques.

We cook using state of the art Henny Penny pressure fryers which lock in moisture and flavour every single drop.

Our mission is simple; to cook ethical, tasty, homemade fried chicken.”