This sounds shocking – and Alfiena Angel has taken to social media to talk about a shocking experience.

Yesterday morning, Alfiena went down to Downlands Medical Centre in Polegate after trying for two hours to get through on the telephone.

Here is Alfiena: “I’m a Cancer Pathway patient, throat cancer.

I dont eat and have a feeding tube. Life is difficult!!!!

On the advice of my ENT Consultant who I saw last week, I have been trying to make this appointment. Despite nobody actually asking me what the issue was, I explained my situation.

I said I could come any day, anytime and see anybody. I was then told it’s not considered ‘Urgent’ and the earliest appointment was in…..September!

I would have to ring daily if I wanted to see anybody any earlier, the best they could do is a phone appointment sometime late next week.

I told them they missed throat cancer the first time, told me it was ‘musucular’ despite meeting the 5 criteria for referral. I am so disgusted and appalled with this place. I need to be writing to somebody, not sure who?????”

We would welcome a response from the GP practice.