PATIENTS are complaining about Downlands Surgery in Polegate.

Here’s Clare Gaster: “I’ve recently had a horrendous time and will be putting in a formal complaint against a doctor sadly. But are they actually seeing people? Getting an answer on the phone is proving impossible but how long do you give it and is it worth the wait!”

Vicki Thomas posted: “I’m still waiting for a callback 3 weeks later.”

Charlotte Alsobrook claims: “I called 50 times last week with no answer.”

Here’s Laura Buck: “They’re absolute rubbish nowadays and I’m seriously considering switching to a different surgery. I’ve been at Downland since I was a child but they’ve been getting worse and worse for the last few years.

Getting in touch with reception isn’t too difficult but actually speaking to a doctor is pretty much impossible. I haven’t spoken to my actual doctor for about three years.”

Rebecca Cowcher said: “I found them rude and useless.”

And so the comments go on at (1) Polegate Residents community page | Facebook

It would be great to hear from the surgery on Monday.