PERCH Princes Park says it’s reviewing its reopening plans after yesterday’s snow.

Bosses do not want to put patio heaters in for people sitting outside.

This is what they said last night: “We’ve spent today trying to sort out the final details of partially reopening what we had named “+ beer”, and then it snowed this afternoon.

We are optimistic by nature, but outdoor dining and snow?

We are going to go away and review the plans.

We’ll pop more details out over the weekend.

Still, we don’t envisage reservations – the weather is just too unpredictable.

We loath the idea of having to install swathes of carbon-emitting patio heaters – you know the kind where your face is medium-rare. However, your legs are still in the fridge.

When we’ve looked at the staffing requirements and requirements on guests – checking in, if you’re ordering food and a beer you can’t stand up and order but you can if it’s just food, you can’t be in a particular vicinity if you want to take things away, we are bound to ensure social distancing practices.

I can’t help but feel that it’s against what we want to be about.

We want people to be safe, but if we have to give you a safety briefing akin to an aircraft taking off whilst you sit in the cold, we think it might take the charm off a bit.

After November’s “fire break lockdown”, we opened for three weeks in December. Financially this was a disaster.

Ramping up and stopping are amazingly expensive and utterly exhausting and demotivating for the team. Everything is possible, but it’s quite a risk.

We will still be doing our take away pizza and the offer we’ve been doing for the past couple of months; that won’t change.

We’ve increased our offer and opening hours exponentially. I’m happy to give the operational side of things some more thought over the coming days.

But I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to bet everything on the British weather in April.”