PETE the Pond has declared victory this morning in his ongoing battle with neighbours and Wealden District Council.

Here’s his 7am post: “So, finally some good news.I received an email from the council, they have come to a decision that they will leave ne alone and that I;m allowed to continue doing what I’m doing as long as my garden stays neat and safe.

We are so very pleased to have a good outcome, and thank you to everyone, around the world that has helped support us through this awful time,”

Willingdon resident and local legend Pete the Pond was instructed by Wealden District Council to clear his garden, including removing his entire collection of aquatic plants.

On March 3 Peter said he was told by Wealden District Council to remove all the features in his back garden by the end of the month because the council sees it as a ‘commercial enterprise’.

This is what the council said at the time: “We are continuing to work with Peter Birchall to ensure a solution can be found which protects the unique quality of his wildlife garden and also maintains the residential qualities of the area in which he lives. Unfortunately, there is nothing else we are able to add at this time regarding this specific case.

As with all planning enforcement matters, we aim to negotiate and reach an agreed solution before resorting to any further measures. To find out more about how we deal with potential enforcement cases please see our strategy here.”