A Petition demanding more speed controls in Sovereign Harbour has been signed by 129 people.

It says: “We, the residents of the North harbour in Eastbourne, want to see our residential roads updated with proper speed control for our protection, as is seen in the South harbour. In the last two years, the traffic has become heavier and heavier going into the harbour. Any residents who live near any of the main roundabouts have to live daily with racing cars and bikes, which are horrifically loud and incredibly dangerous.

There has been a significant increase in people using these roads to race, speed and generally be a nuisance. Residents & non-residents like to race their cars and bikes up and down either very early hours of the morning or very late at night, especially at weekends. The police are aware but are not doing enough.

Not only is this noise – and it’s extremely loud at times depending on the vehicle – really impactful for local residents, especially older people and those with young children, it’s a matter of time before someone is killed. The pavements are set right next to the roads with no speed control, yet other local houses & pavements are set back from the roads and have much tighter speed restrictions.

People use the pavements to walk their kids to school or have a stroll, use bus routes into town etc, there also a lot of cats and dogs in the harbour. 

Sometimes these speeding vehicles easily reach over 60/70mph along the straight stretch. It’s time something is done. We shouldn’t have to live in this danger or noise disturbance day in, day out. We need proper speed restrictions in place.”

Go to  Petition · Add speed control to the residential North Harbour in Eastbourne · Change.org