A Petition has been launched against plans for a massive retirement complex in Eastbourne.

It’s for 137 apartments and planned for Sovereign Harbour.

Here’s resident Rommy Haynes: “At short notice we started a petition to try to stop the approval of the proposed 137 apartment complex next to Martello Tower 66 in Sovereign Harbour.

Please sign, share and object to the Eastbourne Borough Council. Thank you very much for your support!”

Go to Petition · Stop Eastbourne Borough Council from approving a 137 apartment block at Sovereign Harbour · Change.org

It says: “We urge you to use your voice and join us in our campaign objecting the destructive and damaging plans for the area next to Martello Tower No. 66. These plans would not only devastate both seaside wildlife and the adjacent residential community, they would also bring about an explosion in traffic, further erosion of the land, parking and pressure on the local infrastructure, especially medical.”