A PETITION has been launched to stop the amount of accidents at the turning by The Range/KFC on Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne.

It follows the weekend tragedy when a man died Motorcyclist dies in Eastbourne crash – Bournefree Live – Latest news from Eastbourne, Polegate, Hailsham, Pevensey, Bexhill and Sussex.

Here’s Leigh Wright: “There have been many accidents with motorcycles cars and even police vehicles .  

The problem being there is two lanes that filter into one and in the opposite direction there is a blind right turning into The Range car park when traffic build up is present.

This is very common during rush hour.

On many occasions I’ve been sitting in traffic waiting for traffic to move and drivers will see one lane static and just turn in The Range believing everything is not moving which is not the case as the inside lane that goes left to Seaside is free flowing traffic. 

As a motorcyclist myself and witness of many near misses of this road layout, I’m aware of the potential danger but unfortunately this is not the case for some other road users who have been involved in incidents and near misses there which has led to injury and some even fatal.

I believe there is a easy and cheap solution to this and stop the right turning in to The Range area as has been achieved less than a mile down the road out side the Aldi shop which works perfectly.

There are two roundabouts in close proximity so access to the area will not be restricted – your journey may take a few seconds longer but what’s a few seconds compared to someone’s life.”

Sign the petition at Petition · STOPPING unnecessary injuries or accidents on Lottbridge drove Eastbourne · Change.org