EASTBOURNE Waterfront, a stunning destination to eat, drink and relax, has long been an attractive pull for visitors and residents.

But there’s so much more to The Waterfront now all of the business units are occupied. The two newest businesses provide unique services.

One is Planet Golf which offers a fun, affordable family friendly 12 hole glow in the dark miniature golf experience! Richard Bolt, the founder of Planet Golf had been looking for a site to open this unique venue.

“The Waterfront is a fantastic location in Eastbourne and the local community. This fitted perfectly with the company vision of providing a fun and affordable activity to the community.” Space themed The company also wants to provide an activity that is accessible to all, and has the potential to spark an interest in golf in children that may have not previously accessed the sport.

The 12-hole, glow in the dark, space themed minigolf course, which opened in April 2022, provides a sensory experience. It’s awash with stunning UV artwork, bright glowing colours, lighting effects and of course 12 holes of challenging mini golf. SEN Knowledge The venue is managed by Liz Smith. Liz has come from a SEN background and was recruited on her excellent engagement skills and SEN knowledge. Liz has already managed to organise a helping hands day at the local foodbank, and a party for young carers.”

Booking is via the website Planetgolf.uk for families, groups and birthday parties.

Email: info@planetgolf.uk