PLASTIC Free Eastbourne wants the NHS to stop giving people stickers once they’ve had the Covid jab.

Oliver Sterno is Community Leader for Plastic Free Eastbourne and Co-ordinator for Refill Eastbourne.

Here is his letter to the NHS: “I am writing to you about the stickers which you provide for people who have been given their vaccination (attachment is of a sheet of these stickers).

I had my first vaccination a few days ago and, before I knew it, the vaccinator had put a sticker on me.

I asked her to keep it since I represent Plastic Free Eastbourne. We are campaigning in Eastbourne to rid our town of single-use plastics and these stickers are one bad example of this problem.

I am sure that you are aware of the issues surrounding such items of single-use plastic for our Planet.

I ask: do our generation really want such a symbol of achievement?

Also, children will not want them because they are learning that such items go against our campaign to save our Planet from global heating.

The thing is this: already, since over 11 million vaccinations have been given ~ which is a fantastic achievement ~ this means that over 11 million of these stickers have entered the environment.

I assume that my own experience is not an exception.

I wonder how adaptable your organisation is:

I am writing to you to ask you to please stop giving out these stickers immediately. 11 million of these already in the environment is a concern, I hope you will now readily agree.”