HAILSHAM Roadways, based in Polegate, is donating money to a local cause close to its ethical heart.

Chief executive officer James Bailey and more than 10 of his team took part in a company event to promote eco-friendly travel through not driving to work or school for a week.

James frequently cycles to work and will continue to do so. James’ partner, Roadways’ co-owner and director of operations Victoria Vasiliauskaite drives a tiny fully electric car.

They both feel strongly that as construction is very much an industry which uses and transports so much heavy machinery, the company should work towards minimising its carbon footprint where it can.

Hailsham Roadways donated £1 for every mile collected by the team without using a car during the event. £235 will be forwarded to Surfers Against Sewage Brighton.

“We encourage our clients to take a strategic approach to road problems,” says James Bailey,

“Investing in fixing underlying issues such as those found in road foundations or in the subbase means there will not need to be so many roadworks in the future. This in turn means saving tax-payers’ money and lessening the need for future roadworks and disruption.”