POLICE have been alerted after a resident in Polegate became concerned at the beahviour of a scruffy man yesterday.

Here is her post: “At around 11am, a scruffy man, dirty blonde hair, stubbly goatee type beard, 5’7”, knocked on our door in Brookside Avenue, asking if the rangerover was for sale because he wanted parts for his rangerover.

I asked for contact details, his response was “I will pop back in half an hour or so with my flyer, that has all my details on”.

He never did.

I am reporting this to the police, but just wanted to warn others.

I believe he was driving a white truck with a cement mixer on the back.

He had walked up to our door, left truck out of sight.

Even stranger was the fact he was looking for a diesel rangerover for parts when ours is clearly petrol V8.”