TWO birds have been shot, one in Polegate and the other in Hailsham.

Police have been called in to investigate.

Here’s the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service:

“Two birds were admitted today after being shot.

Sadly both have not survived their injuries, which must have been extremely painful.

A gull from Polegate and a wood pigeon in Hailsham.

Both incidents have been reported to Sussex Police.

Shooting and injuring a bird and failing to ensure it has been killed outright is illegal, shooting across private property is illegal.

Some species of wild birds are illegal to shoot, some can only be shot at certain times of year.

We are now entering the breeding season so killing birds becomes even more illegal if nesting, or rearing young, unless you have a printed off licence to hand.

As does any other disturbance to nests without a licence.

Regardless of your views of wildlife, to leave a bird injured and suffering in pain, is just plain wrong, immoral and animal abuse.

If you witness someone actively shooting wildlife illegally in a residential area please call 999 and speak to the Police.

If you have any information on someone who you know is shooting wildlife illegally please contact Sussex Police on 101 or via Crimestoppers.”

Pictured: Trevor Weeks from the charity