I feel that it is time for me to politely make my views known regarding policing today as I feel with my background that I have a legitimate voice.

Yes, I accept that policing is difficult, probably more so today than ever before. To me, that is because society has changed and in the main people are not prepared to accept the status quo. The changes over the past ten years in particular have been massive in my opinion. Perhaps controversially, there has been a view expressed in recent times in some quarters that the public gets the policing it deserves.

However, I keep asking myself, why is it that the fundamental raison d’etre for the existence of policing appears to have changed so significantly?

Over the past week, I have read so many things about policing “initiatives” that have made my blood boil! However, two things in particular have angered me.

Firstly, the nonsense with the rainbow “Pride” police cars. Why do the police feel it is necessary to project this type of “virtue signaling”? Policing should be about equality for all by providing a first class service whatever the background, sexuality, gender, race etc. of those with whom they come into contact. Why does one particular group deserve more recognition in this respect than any other?

Then there is the ACC in Gloucestershire who wants to improve the lot of women in the force referred to by her as “culture and fairness”.

Is there no end to this politically correct nonsense? How about we breed more chief officers like the CC of Greater Manchester, Stephen Watson who tore up the “Tosh Citizens Contract” created by his predecessor saying that he wanted officers to investigate things thoroughly and arrest offenders.

It really is time that chief officers encouraged officers to arrest criminals and bad people and keep the public safe and stop promoting this politically correct nonsense. That is what policing was about in days gone by and should be again. It was always the mantra that motivated me. It really is as simple as that!!! The public also have a part to play. They need to ensure that their PCCs are aware of their views that stronger policing is what they want and expect.

Kevin Moore

Retired Detective Chief Superintendent – Sussex Police