THE week of education and enforcement around Operation Sceptre continued this weekend, with your Sussex Police Cadets and their leaders conducting knife sweeps for discarded/hidden potential weapons in local parks across #Eastbourne.

A number of hours were spent at various locations, including Shinewater Park, Hampden Park, Langney Priory and Priory Road park, Polegate Recreational Grounds, and Gildredge Park.

As well as sweeps of local parks, the team and Cadets spoke to lots of youngsters and adults in the parks, as well as over 100 people along Eastbourne Seafront, explaining what they were doing and why; as well as offering advice and support around who teens/parents and carers can speak to if they are worried about getting involved/know someone involved in violent street and knife crime.

Eastbourne police say: “The team are really happy to report that NO knives or weapons were found during the weekend of action.

We continue to encourage youngsters to report, and seek advice should they or someone they know be involved in knife crime; if you’re scared for your safety talk to someone – a parent, carer, teacher, youth worker or a police officer for example – no one wants to see you get hurt.

If you don’t feel as though you can talk to your parents/carers, a teacher or the police, then talk to a professional in confidence.

Child Line could be your first call on 0800 1111 – their counsellors can support young people 24 hours a day.”

More advice/support and practical help can be found on our website here: