POLICE are hunting a person who has been making hoax Chinese and Indian food orders for the past eight months.

Here’s Jasmin Beal, who says her sister is being targetted: “Please be aware that someone is making a number of hoax Chinese and Indian food orders in Hailsham.

My family has been targeted for the last eight months, with large orders of food being ordered through the websites of the Royal Indian and Fortune Inn, who offer cash on delivery.

The good news is I have personally contacted every restaurant/takeaway in Hailsham and the surrounding area who now recognise my details and do not process any orders in my name unless I pay with a card.

The police have also been made aware of this and we are working together to try and trace who this person is.

It has been a difficult time for all businesses over the past year, and I’m sure no business appreciates pranks that cost time, money and stress, especially during times like this.

So to the person that is doing this, please stop burdening local businesses and individuals with such juvenile pranks.”