PERCH Princes Park has had ‘a roller coaster of a first-year’ as it marks its anniversary of opening in Eastbourne.

It acknowledges ‘outstanding support from you, our guests.’

But a post last night online says it’s time to reflect and review what has happened over these 12 months.

It reads: “Now, we will take a bit of a pause, simplify what we are doing, and ensure that our team has time outside work to regain some balance.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had some team members working long hours. Our team are wonderfully committed to delivering something ace in Princes park, but as many of us know, the past few weeks have been challenging with child care, testing regimes etc.

We are fortunate that we have been largely untouched by track and trace and that incidents remain low. Personally, this is a direct result of the prudence of our colleagues.

We want our current colleagues to remain our colleagues, and we are confident that won’t happen if we keep asking for 60+ hours a week as people step up to take the slack.

We are trying to deliver too much. Our offer has grown exponentially and because of the rules changing about takeaways, indoor dining, groups, eat out to help out.

We are starting to confuse ourselves about what’s happening; this is concentrated excitement – I’m loathed to pull on the reigns when we have a team bustling with ideas. But we are pushing them out too quickly, be it our outdoor cinema, classic car events or acoustic nights.

We need to give you our guests time to work us out a bit more first.

Pure Perch, a concentrated offer:Breakfast and lunch Sunday to Thursday, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday & Saturday.

Introducing a superb fixed price lunch menu going in Monday – Friday.

We’ll keep it under review, and it’s highly likely that during the peak summer months, we’ll go to longer hours but more relaxed. Stay tuned.”