A POPULAR theatre says it will reopen next month.

Hailsham Pavilion has set a date of October 5.

A spokesman said: “As you know English Cinema has begun to re-emerge again in recent weeks along with the wider business community, with certain venues opening their doors to the public.

“As I write there are around 85 screens in operation in England and this represents around 10% of potential screens that could be lighting up.

“None of them are particularly doing any business of note in this restricted environment.

“The larger operators are all gearing up for a late July early August relaunch so the industry will gather momentum during August and September… we’ll be able to gauge from this period of activity what we need to pay particular attention to and to get some clear ideas on programming and the frequency of our screenings. 

“With all this in mind we have decided to aim for a relaunch of The Hailsham Pavilion for Monday 5th October.

“We will run a couple of test events in late September and open with a soft programme of films on screen for a limited schedule in the initial weeks.

“In an ideal world we will be able to build up to something like our normal programming by the end of October (Half-Term commences on Mon 26th Oct).”