A POPULAR cafe in Princes Park says it could provide much better food for our youngsters than what our children are beuing served up.

Today, on the national news, Marcus Rashford has raised concerns about the supply of food parcels to children on free school meals in England while schools are in lockdown.

The footballer had shared images of what appeared to be the parcels, saying they were “just not good enough”.

It prompted Downing Street to stress the food in these parcels should be healthy. The children’s minister is investigating “urgently”.

Perch Princes Park says it could do better.

It has posted today: “So we’ve been reading many the details on school meal vouchers and the food boxes coming out. I’m sure like many at the moment; we are appalled by this.

Here’s the thing, we have a commercial kitchen, we can produce thousands of meals.

We’ve also spoken to suppliers and products are starting to come close to date in warehouses.

Our challenge comes in two parts; we don’t know how big of a thing it is in our area, and we don’t know how we would distribute it.

What we know we can do; we can use our existing network of suppliers to source and find ingredients, then we can turn this into meals, produce recipe cards and if we are smart about this, we are sure we can deliver this.

We aren’t interested in how or why we are in this situation, but we are interested in being part of the answer.

We need to understand the demand, and we will need a bit of guidance on how we do it.

Is this something that’s being covered in our local area? is someone else doing it well, can we support this?

So we are asking you our followers to tell us and get us in touch with people who might have the answers to this. Food poverty is grim; it’s tragic that it’s happening and happening with children. If we can help we’d like to.”