IT’S been a busy few days for Bournefree magazine as we reach more and more people.

Two stories were incredibly busy on social media across the weekend.

Our feature on the Kids Count charity, based in Hailsham, reached more 8,000 people on our Facebook page alone. It was also shared to other online groups.

Meanwhile, Eastbourne Tories slamming the LibDems for ignoring Prince Philip’s death to continue electioneering reached more than 8,450 people.

They were our two most popular stories of the weekend online.

Meanwhile, our story on young Harrison Dann opening his own shop aged just 19 had more than 500 likes alone on Facebook.

Our magazine continues to grow and we are back in Langney Shopping Centre. In the past three days, we have put 450 copies in there. On Saturday morning, I put 200 copies in the centre, by the end of play yesterday they had all gone. I’ve now put another 150 in there today.

200 copies were put in ESK on Thursday, another 100 on Saturday morning and yes they were all gone too by end of play Saturday. Another 100 went in this morning, and no doubt another 200 tomorrow.

More and more people are picking up Bournefree – and we are thrilled. Thank you.