By Martin Wellings

I have recently experienced first-hand, the situation at both Gatwick and Heathrow, and following all the terribly negative press coverage a little while ago, I’m pleased to report that everything is now much better and going through the usual holdup of security was just a few minutes at Gatwick and just a little longer at Heathrow.

I never believe that airports are exactly the most enjoyable places to visit, and for me personally, the less time there the better, so for passengers who have checked-in online and just have cabin baggage, turning up an hour and a half before departure is more than adequate: three hours just means more hanging around.

We all want to get a good price for a flight and invariably, the earlier you book the better –opposite to what it was a number of years ago! We book a lot of flights and always have to navigate round the seemingly cheapest fare to establish the best one for what clients actually need. For example, some of the cheapest fares allow for no baggage in the hold or even in the cabin, have very unsocial departure times, and in the case of long-haul flights, have excessive waits of many hours between connecting flights.

Very few people these days enquire as to which airline or what aircraft they would be flying on, but it is always worth asking the question because it may be that just a small amount extra buys you some additional comfort because they are not necessarily the same. A good example is the different aeroplanes used, as travelling in a wide-bodied (i.e., two aisles) such as the Boeing 777 or 787 is more comfortable than a single aisle Airbus 319/320 used by the likes of easyJet, and especially when equipped with seat back screens for on-board entertainment.

A lot about flights this month, but of course unless you are cruising or going by rail, it is an important factor on most people’s holidays. It is surprising how many people ask if we book flights, but to me it is like asking a publican if he sells beer!

Here we are in autumn again and the season that people look for winter sunshine holidays, and very soon we shall be receiving all the summer 2023 brochures and indeed we already have the latest details of cruises for the year after next.

If you haven’t been away yet this year, it’s not too late, so if you are going soon I wish you a good trip.

Martin Wellings

PST Travel

27 Grove Road, Eastbourne BN21 4TU