PUB chain Marston’s has warned that 2,150 jobs will be impacted after the government tightened coronavirus restrictions.

New restrictions since lockdown had taken their toll on consumer confidence, the pubs group said.

On its website, it lists its local pubs as The Red Lion at Willingdon and The Holly Blue at Pevensey.

Marston’s said the introduction of new rules was “hugely disappointing” and that there was a lack of evidence linking pubs to the recent rise in coronavirus infections.

“Inevitably, and regrettably, recent restrictions will impact jobs,” the company said.

It said that after “vital” government support for its workforce over the summer, 10,000 staff had since returned to work.Advertisement

“However, because of the recent additional restrictions, we have reluctantly concluded that around 2,150 pub-based roles currently subject to furlough are going to be impacted,” Marston’s added.

“Furthermore, we have initiated a full review of overhead costs which will be concluded by the end of December.