Get your Covid-19 vaccine in a quieter calmer environment

There will be a quiet vaccine session at Shinewater Children’s Centre in Milfoil Drive, Eastbourne on Thursday 17 June from 9.20am-2.40pm.

This session is being offered to people living in Sussex who are currently eligible for the vaccine and over the age of 40 who would benefit from a quieter and calmer environment, or a longer and more relaxed appointment time.

This includes:

People with a learning disability

Neurodivergent people, including people on the autism spectrum

People living with dementia and/or Alzheimer’sIf you care for the person you are bringing to the session you can also book your vaccination at this session too.

This session is for first vaccination doses only.

If you have already had your first jab at another service elsewhere please wait for them to let you know your second appointment time and go back to them for your second jab.

The session is open to people aged 40 and over as the team are using the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

Following government guidance, people aged 39 and under are now being offered an alternative vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna).

Call or text Angela on 07880 471568 to book an appointment.

If you need support with transport to get to your appointment, you can call or text the travel team on 07871568 #NHS#community#health#vaccinecovid19