THE Red Lion in Willingdon will stay open despite the nearby Wheatsheaf Inn closing due to Covid.

Yesterday The Wheatsheaf decided to close.

Now The Red Lion has said: “We are ever mindful of the ongoing, local situation with covid.

We are aware that things are not going in the direction that we all would like, in fact it’s looking quite the opposite.

We would however, like to assure you all that we will CONTINUE to keep you safe whilst here at the Red Lion.

We have always, and will continue to, follow ALL government guidelines.

We sanitise all touch points every half an hour and everything else after each use.

All tables of single households are well spaced from one another, and these are only a few of our safety precautions.

The safety of our staff and customers has, and will always be, our number 1 priority.

Please be under no illusions that money is more important to us.

We will continue to operate for as long as it is safe to do so, and will close as soon as is necessary.”