On Monday (February 26), Eastbourne Borough Council’s planning committee is set to consider proposals to demolish a block of garages in Upperton Lane and build four houses in its place.

The three-bedroom houses would be laid out in a terrace, with each property benefiting from a private garden area and an off-road parking space.

A spokesman for the developer said: “The proposed redevelopment seeks to better utilise the use of the site and will provide much needed accommodation to the area and will contribute towards increasing the councils number of years supply of housing.”

While recommended for approval, the scheme has seen objections raised by a number of local residents. These objectors have raised a variety of concerns including loss of privacy, noise nuisance and an overall drop in parking spaces.

Particular concerns have been raised about the impact on the residents of Pembroke House, an apartment building in Upperton Road which backs on to the garages. Notably, the proposals involve construction on a fenced-off area of land which was previously used as amenity space for the residents of this building.

These concerns are not shared by council planning officers, however, who are recommending the scheme be approved.

In a report to the committee, a council planning spokesman said: “The proposed development represents an efficient use of land and would provide housing that would help address the current shortfall within the Borough.

“The development is in a sustainable location, will be constructed using local materials and local labour where possible and will incorporate infrastructure that would help reduce carbon emissions and energy use.

“It is therefore considered that the application [should be] approved, subject to conditions.”