Sussex Police is reminding residents to review their home security as we approach the clocks going back this weekend.

With longer nights drawing in, we want residents to think about the hidden security risks around their homes, and make it more difficult for opportunist burglary.

Sussex remains a safe place to live and work. Our burglary solved rate has increased over the last few months and we continue to concentrate our efforts to catch criminals and protect our communities from this crime type.

Sussex Police is committed to reducing burglary in Sussex and catch those response. Recently, officers stopped a cloned white Citroen van on suspicion of being linked to multiple burglaries across Sussex. Officers found number of stolen tools, power tools and assorted gardening equipment. Two men were subsequently arrested.

Chief Inspector Alasdair Henry, said: “Having your property burgled can be one of the most upsetting and destructive crimes to occur and we are committed to do all we can to reduce this crime and catch those responsible.

“Sussex is a safe county and suffers from relatively low levels of burglary and we intend to work to continue to make our county an inhospitable place for burglars to operate.”

To protect your property, you can find practical prevention tips to:

  • Protect your home including information on door and window locks here
  • Keep burglars out of your property here
  • Keep your shed or garage safe and secure here
  • Access to all information on protecting your home from crime here

The Sussex Police website has a wealth of crime prevention advice which you can share with our local communities here.