Lady Crabtree, a comedy character created by the author and broadcaster Paul James, had the audience in fits of laughter when speaking to the RASCALS group in St Wilfreds Church Hall, Pevensey, on Thursday.
Paul only intended to become Lady Crabtree for a single cabaret performance in April 1978, but it was so successful that he has been appearing as her on stage, radio, and television for over forty years
This wonderful character establishes a great rapport with audiences by sympathizing with their problems and offering them excellent advice as well as delivering amusing stories and using perfect timing.
Members of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Social Club and Leisure Society loved it as Lady Crabtree bantered with some of the ladies present as well as Tony Flood, the author of celebrity book My Life With The Stars – Sizzling Secrets Spilled!, with whom she is pictured.
Tina Whitmore, the RASCALS chairman, said: “What a lovely gracious, glamorous, kind, and witty lady – we all enjoyed her very much and thank her so much.”

By Tony Flood