JACK and Harry are the two Eastbourne youngsters who set up a new business during Lockdown.

Animate Our Logo creates an animated logo for businesses, both local and international, within a 72-hour turnover period.

Now they are thrilled to have received a letter from Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

They said: “We are so excited for Rishi Sunak (Chancellor of the Exchequer) to take time from his busy schedule to write a letter to us.

This means so much to us.”

Rishi says their website ‘looks outstanding, very professional.’

And he says they clearly have a bright future ahead!

They create between 8 – 12 new designs each month to help keep the website and content fresh.

This means each design is only sold for one month and as it expires is replaced by fresh content.

The boys are proud of what they have achieved but realise the road to success is a long one.

They said: “One of the first things we have learnt in business is that not all of the money is profit, so we are still paying for some of the set-up costs.

“Once we have paid for this, we would love to be able to buy a PlayStation 5 and then after that we plan on putting everything else in a savings account for driving lessons and a car when we are older.

“We have already had some amazing customers and reviews from them, and this makes us proud to live in Eastbourne.”

They can be found at: Home – Animate Our Logo