RESIDENTS are concerned about rising anti social behaviour at Sovereign Harbour.

A post has appeared on the Residents’ Facebook page today: “There has been several instances of anti social and disturbing behaviour during the small hours of the morning on both the North and South areas of our Harbour.

There are reports of groups and individuals checking out the contents of cars in driveways.

So I ask you to not leave anything valuable in your cars and to be extra vigilent. In fact make sure you secure your all your property like your sheds, bicycles etc.

You would think that since we are all at home the criminal elements would have no opportunity but they have just moved their activities into the dark hours when no ones about.

Both incidents have been reported to the Police and personally having seen CCTV of a person in my own Quay at 2am, it is of concern.”

The post is from NC Bowes-Bonham.