RNLI Eastbourne was called to a 12 metre motor cruiser ‘taking on water’ on Saturday afternoon.

It was five miles South East of Sovereign Harbour:

“Our Volunteer Crew was requested to launch the All Weather Lifeboat and tasked to respond to a Mayday distress call put out by a 12 metre motor cruiser.

The vessel,with 2 people on board, was taking on water and when the All Weather Lifeboat arrived on scene, Coxswain Mark Sawyer made the decision to transfer 2 crew members, Alex Emberley and Dave Needham, onto the casualty vessel along with the lifeboats salvage pump.

Due to the amount of water the vessel had taken on board, the salvage pump was put into action very quickly and an assessment of the situation made.

Once the water was pumped out and it was confirmed no further water was being taken in whilst the engine was not running, the decision was made to tow the vessel back into the safety of Sovereign Harbour with the 2 lifeboat crew and salvage pump still on board the vessel to monitor the situation.

Due to the skipper of the casualty vessel acting in a prompt and efficient manner, Solent Coastguard were able to coordinate a quick rescue response.

Coxswain Mark Sawyer would like to thank all the other vessels that responded to the Mayday call and stood by until the lifeboat arrived.

The skipper of the casualty vessel was very grateful for all those who rendered assistance.”