Improving weather, the clocks springing forward next weekend and the imminent easing of Covid restrictions are all likely to lead to an increase of traffic on the roads, prompting roads policing officers to appeal to all road users to take care and to look out for others.

As it stands currently, drivers should only be on the road for essential journeys, but a spate of recent collisions, particularly involving motorcyclists, has led to Sussex Police urging road users to concentrate at all times on their own driving and everyone else around them.

Sergeant Huw Watts from the Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit said: “There has been less traffic on the road in recent months due to the lockdown and chances are that people will be taking to the roads again a little rusty in their driving skills. This means that is essential to pay 100% attention.

“We continue in the throes of the Covid pandemic and it is in all our interests to ease the strain on emergency services, especially the NHS, by reducing the chances of road traffic collisions that may impact on those services.

“Of course people will want to be out and about again, but this must not be until restrictions allow it and once they do, we need people to be careful, considerate and drive within the law.

“We continue to work with partners, including the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) to provide education and enforcement, predominantly to reduce injuries and save lives. However, speeding, drink and drug-driving, mobile phone use, not wearing a seatbelt and careless driving make up the ‘fatal five’ – the five most common causes of fatal and serious injury collisions – and we will deal robustly with those who choose to offend and pose a threat and a danger to themselves and others.”

If you feel that your driving or riding could benefit from a bit of a refresher, please visit the SSRP website for more information and details of schemes that you can sign up to.