Nothing On Events held a sponsored walk along the Cuckoo Trail on Saturday in aid of Breast Cancer Now.

It was a walk with a difference – people were walking naked.

The publicity beforehand said: “Please consider supporting this charity by joining this unconventional walk on 8th June along a delightfully attractive countryside trail, the route of a dismantled railway (and thus a flat walk with few and gentle inclines). While it is anticipated that many of us will walk naked as in 2023, you are reminded that no pressure will be brought to bear on anyone to undress so if you feel more comfortable walking clothed, then please do so.”

One person has posted online about what she saw and what she thought: “I was walking down the Cuckoo Trail and came across a large group of nudist walkers doing a ‘charity walk’.

Now there must have been around 20 people, completely naked walking and saying hello (even though we turned to look away) to try and get our attention.

I was actually quite disgusted and offended.

The Cuckoo Trail, especially at a weekend, is a very busy spot for family walks and bike rides.

How is it acceptable to have to look at completely naked men and women??

What about the children who witnessed random men and women standing naked in front of them?

If they were raising money for a good cause, couldn’t the walk be done somewhere more private/ appropriate?

We have hundreds of acres of AONB around us where you can walk for hours and not see a soul.

I find it hard to believe this is allowed and not classed as indecent exposure.”

Go to Clothes-Optional Charity Walk On Behalf Of “Breast Cancer Now” : East Sussex – Saturday 8th June, 2024 – Nothing On Events