SAVE Our Shazza!

Poor Sharon has run her food stall for 29 years – since 1991 – outsider B and Q in Eastbourne.

Now she has been booted out by Eastbourne Borough Council – and a campaign has started to stop this happening.

She has been given eight weeks to go – just because Costa is moving into a unit on the same site in Hampden Park.

The online page says: “Let’s show Eastbourne Council they cannot take people’s livelihoods away.

“Bully boys at work again , this isn’t only Sharon’s income it’s her sanity, her community , her life !!!!

“Please show your support get down there and sign her petition please , let’s not let these underhand tactics win. Corporation tactics.”

The online campaign page is at (10) SAVE Our Shazza | Facebook

Sign the petition Save our shazza , after 29 years on her site Eastbourne council gave given her 8 weeks notice to vacate , this is outrageous –

We have asked Eastbourne Borough to comment.

We have also invited Hampen Park councillor Josh Babarinde for his view.