Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell invited one of the town’s best-known campaigners to Downing Street to be thanked by the Prime Minister for her work.

Liz Walke was the chair and driving force behind the Save the DGH campaign for 15 years and was nominated by Caroline to go to No 10 to be recognised as a Community Champion.

Rishi Sunak was introduced to Liz by Caroline. He thanked her for her work and all other community champions from across the country who attended the reception last month.

“Liz and I were the last to leave and it was a pleasure to have her there and for her work on the Save the DGH campaign to be recognised by the PM,” said Caroline.

“We spoke to the PM, the police and staff, heard a load of anecdotes about the history and workings of the building over the years and we even met Larry – the famous Downing Street cat.

“It was a good evening and I would personally like to thank Liz for all her work over these years. It was extraordinary how the town came together, under Liz’s leadership, to speak with one voice on plans for our hospital.

“The Save the DGH campaign was also the way I came into politics in the first place following a medical emergency with my son that saw the NHS spring into action to save his life.”

Liz said: “I felt very humbled, honoured and grateful to be invited to such an event.

“It was really enjoyable meeting other people from all over the country who had been recognised by their MPs. 

“It will be a visit I never forget and whenever I see No 10 on television, I will be reminded of our visit and know what is actually behind that door.

“Thank you very much Caroline for inviting me.”