A gang of shoplifters are targetting a women’s clothes shop.

Millies of Hailsham is an independent shop in the High Street:

“We have recently been repeatedly targeted by what I think is a gang of shop lifters.

We are having a full security system installed next Monday , with high definition CCTV on all 3 floors.

In the interim , please can you bare with us. We will close the top floor for a few days until cameras and monitors are installed.

We may question everyone more than usual about what goes into fitting rooms.

We know you’ll understand.

And to the scum ….. we will use footage on social media , report to police and prosecute.

I set up my business as a penniless single mother … it’s very personal that you are stealing from me.

If you want something so much , get off your backside and earn the money to buy it ……I did.”