TRADERS on Seaside are really worried about county council plans for new bus lanes.

The public consultation has now finished.

Here is Jodie Atherton who works for DB Domestics, an appliance store on Seaside:

“I am writing to you pleading for some help in raising awareness of the plans that are being proposed for bus lanes along Seaside, as it has troubled businesses and residents alike considering we only found out about 4 days before the closing date of the consultation.

The reason we need help with this is because there seems to have been little to no knowledge of this from the people/businesses’ this is going to affect directly, 

As one business this will have a disastrous effect for us as it will directly impact our ability to trade affectively; we will have no way of delivering and loading stock as there will not be an option of parking our vans close to the premisses due the relocation of a bus stop and crossing and there will be no remaining parking left for our visiting clientele, which we rely on.

The local tenants will also lose their parking outside their own homes which is both inconvenient and harmful to their house values (we have spoken to them directly and they had no idea about this proposed plan until we informed them).

We feel the residents of Eastbourne have not had a fair chance to have their say on this matter,”