A former police officer’s behaviour amounted to gross misconduct after an investigation found he had attempted to pursue an inappropriate relationship with a member of the public who he had met on duty.

Ex-PC Steve Green, 38, who was based at Eastbourne, appeared before a two-day misconduct hearing held at Sussex Police headquarters on 6 and 7 February in front of a panel led by an Independent Legally Qualified Chair (LQC).

LQCs are selected from a list of independent, legally-qualified persons to conduct police misconduct hearings, and are governed by Police Conduct Regulations. LQCs work with the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and others to instil and embed as much transparency and proportionality into misconduct hearings.

The hearing was told that in February 2022, the officer made inappropriate contact by telephone with a vulnerable woman who he had met in the course of his police duties. He went on to attempt to pursue an inappropriate relationship with the woman and while attending her home to take a statement from her, attempted to kiss her.

The panel found in doing so, he had breached Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of discreditable conduct, authority, and respect and courtesy, and determined that this amounted to gross misconduct. He would have been dismissed from the force, had he not already resigned, and he has been placed on the College of Policing Barred list which will prevent a return to policing.

Detective Superintendent Jon Robeson, deputy head of Professional Standards Department, said: “Police officers must behave in a manner that does not discredit the police service or undermine public confidence, whether on or off duty.

“We expect the highest possible standards of our officers and staff and we take any report of inappropriate behaviour extremely seriously. This officer’s behaviour is a violation of the trust that the public put in the police to serve and protect them. He has not only let down the public but also his colleagues who carry out an enormous amount of good work with victims of serious offences every day.”