A visitor attraction in East Sussex has announced it will be closing for the winter season.

Sharnfold Farm at Stone Cross will shut from 13th November until March next year. This includes the farm trail, farm shop and cafe.

The Family Parks Group – which owns Sharnfold Farm – says this is for unavoidable routine maintenance.

It also wants to conduct a full review of the business – including space and resources – to see ways of improving the customer experience. 

Donna Bull from Sharnfold said: “We know this will come as a shock to many people, including our thousands of loyal customers.

“We have had a great 2023 so far but we just want to draw breath and review everything we do at Sharnfold. And we have decided that the best time to do this is over the winter period.

“The Family Parks Group is a rapidly evolving business, and it is important that we look at each of our 11 sites.

“We can promise you 100% that we will be back open in March 2024 with a very special Easter event.

“We value customers who take out annual memberships with us, and to reassure everyone membership holders will get six months added to their term. That’s to cover five months of closure plus an extra free month added in.

“We realise that people won’t want this to happen, but we do believe it is necessary and we will come back very strong in 2024.”

Sharnfold has staged a number of high profile community events this year.

These include:

  • Pumpkin picking, a Halloween themed trail and pumkin carving
  • 2 for 1 offer to celebrate Grandparents Day
  • TV characters paid a visit, including Peppa Pig and her little brother
  • Successful six-week Be Amaized summer holiday event
  • Easter extravaganza

Donna said: “We have received fantastic support from local people this year, and we want to thank everyone of them.

“I am feeling very confident about the prospects for 2024.

“We just need the time to review what we do and how we do it. That will take time, and it’s time we will use wisely.

“Sharnfold Farm is an amazingly popular attraction. We realise that and everything we do between now and March 2024 will only improve our offering.

“I understand some members may have concerns. If so, please contact sharnfoldfarm@thefamilyparksgroup.co.uk