SHARNFOLD Farm held a tea party yesterday for the public to celebrate the birthday of the NHS.

The Big Tea at Sharnfold Farm saw 50 members of the public pay £5 for coffee and cake yesterday (Monday, July 5).

All money raised went to NHS Charities Together.

Business director from Kent Entertainments Donna Bull said, “It was an absolute privilege to be able to stage an event to raise money for all our NHS heroes.

“We now have a beautiful outdoor seating area at Sharnfold Farm, and it was lovely to see it full for the occasion.”

The tea parties were held across the country, giving communities the chance to show appreciation for the NHS.

Donna said a young couple came to the event with their one-week-old baby.

She said, “The mother was having her baby at the DGH and was losing so much blood they had to rush her to Brighton for emergency treatment. She said she could have easily died but the outcome was successful, so mum, dad and the young baby came here to say thank you to the NHS.

“What an amazing story, and it just goes to show why we have the NHS to thank every day for what they do.

“Sharnfold Farm was proud to be able to play a very small part to say thank you to everyone in the NHS.”