SHEEP died from stress at Chalk Farm yesterday after people flocked to the area to enjoy the snow.

Henry Brown has posted: “Chalk Farm is a family run farm business rearing grass fed animals and conserving the part of the South Downs which it occupies.

All the land is grazed and carefully managed 365 days of the year. Grass is our crop.

The onset of a little snow and influx of recreational sledging has seen a great deal of damage occur on the farm.

Today, we have retrieved dead sheep which have been exhausted by the continual stress of being pushed from pillar to post by the volume of people and dogs passing through.

During adverse weather livestock need to take shelter, rest and graze when they can, which they’re not able to do if constantly hassled.

Pastures have been torn up by the sledging. Fences and gates damaged by people going where they please.

Please continue to remember that the countryside is a workplace and business just like your own.

Disrespectful behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated in your workplace so please bring the respect to the countryside which you would require in your own home/place of work.

We cannot condone sledging at Chalk Farm but it is an inevitable part of farming where we do (Gravity! And it is a lot of fun!).

We simply ask that you respect the farm, our home, the fields, fences, livestock and crops. Utilising only the appropriate access points. Take your litter home. Keep your dogs on a lead and keep out of land that doesn’t have public access.”