AN Eastbourne dad has described his family’s terror after Thursday night’s attack in Shinewater.

Chris Cox has taken to social media to explain how hooded men with knives broke into the family home and terrorised his son, 11, and his mum,

Here’s Chris: “On Thursday at around 8.30 PM my son heard a knock at the door, his mum was upstairs and he thought it was his cousin coming back home so he unlocked the door.

Three men came crashing in and grabbed my 11 year old son around the neck and dragged him into the living room.

His mum came running downstairs and one of the men held a knife to her throat demanding money and my son saw all this and said to them “are you going to kill her.”

They nicked his phone and did a runner down towards Shinewater from Foxglove Road…. If anyone knows anything about this please get in touch with me, Murphy family or the police.

I don’t care how small of a detail you would know it just might help, seriously don’t want any sympathy I just want these evil men caught.

My son is now scarred for life because of this and it’s heartbreaking…thank you x…….

all we know is that they might be late 20s they were wearing facemasks hoodie and gloves….. and if anyone has a spare iPhone or android phone they don’t need anymore I would be happy to pay for it, anyone that has kids at that age will know their phone is their life plus they nicked the charger as well.”