Eastbourne charity Embrace – headed by councillor Rebecca Whippy – has folded.

Embrace was a charity for special needs and disabled children, promoting inclusion and improving life skills and opportunities through respite clubs, outreach and advocacy

The decision was formally announced last night:

“After much soul searching, many phone calls and hours of lost sleep it is with a heavy heart that we are positing this message to inform you that our Board of Trustees have come to the unanimous decision that Embrace East Sussex should close effective immediately.

We have had the hardest 2 years of our existence as a charity owing to Covid, forced closures and the isolations associated with covid sickness and contacts.

Our regular grants and funding streams have also become unreliable due a higher demand for funding from other charitable causes within the Charity Sector.

The very last straw for us has been a lack of staff and volunteers to man the Saturday Club forcing us to close the respite club otherwise run with safety issues which we cannot, in all good conscience, do.

As I hope you will agree, we cannot continue to struggle as we have and for this we cannot apologise enough.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us directly via info@embraceeastsussex.uk and we will do our level best to answer them. We also ask that you remain patient with our staff and management team, as we iron out details, as they are finding the news of the closure very upsetting and difficult, too.”